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About Department

The Department of Human Physiology was established in 2001. The department deals with basic functioning and normal metabolism of body. Dr. D.K.Sharma was the first Professor and Head . There after department had guidance of different learned professors.


OPD Block:
Daily OPD 9:00 AM TO2:00 PM, 03 OPD Chambers
Daily immunization
Well baby clinic and child guidance clinic

24 hrs Emergency care services
06 beded NICU, 03 Neonatal Ventilators
Facilities for mechanical ventilation, Surfactant, Exchange Transfusions etc.
Breast feeding and feed preparation Room

24 hrs Emergency Services
06 bedded PICU, 03 Pediatrics Ventilators
Facilities for mechanical ventilation, central oxygen and suction
Facilities for Cardiac & Intensive care monitoring

Child ward:
1& II
24 hrs Patient monitoring
Total 60 beds
Facilities for central oxygen and central suction
Sickle and Thalassaemia care unit

Administrative block (In Medical College):
Seminar Room
Departmental Library
Consultant Chamber
Office Room
Computer Room & Internet services

Other Facilities:
Training Centre for SBA, BeMOC, M Sc Nursing, NRP, NSSK, Physiotherapy, MIC etc.

Available Equipment:

1. Ventilators (Neonatal &Pediatric)
2. Radiant warmer
3. Defibrillator
4. Multi channel monitors
5. Glucometer
6. Infusion pumps
7. Cardiac Monitors
8. Pulse Oxymeters
9. Apnea Monitors
10. Double Surface Phototherapy Units
11. Resuscitation Kit
12. Incubaters

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Department of Paediatrics Faculty Status as on Nov.-2014

Name Dr. Hemant Kumar
Designation Professor & HOD
Qualification MBBS,MD,DCH
Contact No 09926129247
Email Id drhemuklall@gmail.com
Name Dr.Rakesh Nahrel
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification MBBS,M.D.(Paediatrics)
Contact No 09826166269
Email Id rnahrel@yahoo.com
Name Dr. Ajay Kosam
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification MBBS, M.D.(Paediatrics)
Contact No 08871042041
Email Id kosamajay@gmail.com
Name Dr. Swati Yadav
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MBBS, M.D.(Paediatrics)
Contact No 9993894133
Email Id yadavswati93@yahoo.com
Name Dr. Deepak Kumar Tandan
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MBBS, M.D.(Paediatrics)
Contact No 8463823155
Email Id dr.deepak.tandan84@gmail.com
Name Dr. Shashi Kant Snehi
Designation Senior Resident
Qualification MBBS
Contact No 09425212647
Email Id -

Other Staff Status as on Nov. 2014

Name Mr. Deekam Singh Rathia
Designation Assistant Grade-3
Qualification B.A., DCA
Contact No 9753733769
Email Id dikam28rathia@gmail.com