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About Department

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is 65 bedded Department which is armed with Obstetricians and Gynecologists with special skills in the field. The department is providing comprehensive health care to women through daily OPD, special clinic like cancer clinic ,adolescent health clinic ,menopausal clinic, Antenatal clinics ,Postnatal clinic and 24 hour emergency obstetric care ,with special attention to high risk women ,critical obstetrics care. We keep abreast ourselves with new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques & make them available to the patient.

Equipment available in Department :


1. Colposcope
2. Diagnostic laparoscope & operative laparoscope
3. Ultrasonography Doppler,
4. Cauterization cryo & thermal,
5. Cardio tocography,
6. Multipara monitors


Facilities Available in Department :

I. Obstetrics antenatal clinic -Daily
• Low risk pregnancy care
• High risk pregnancy care

I. Recurrent pregnancy loss.
II. Multiple pregnancy
III. Eclampsia & preeclampsia.
IV. Pregnancy with medical disorders

• Prenatal screening & Diagnosis
• Ante partum surveillance by ultrasound & Non stress test

II. Intrapartum care
• Intensive intrapartum monitoring
• Cardiotocograph with facility for continues monitorling
• Other fetal well being tests

III. Family planning service

Deptt. Is a recognized centre for medical termination of pregnancy and male & female sterilization providing regular service –
- Tubectomy conventional
- Laparoscopy
- Counseling & provision of Condom, Oral pills, IUCD etc.

IV. Gynecological care

Treatment of all types problem in women including —
- Menstrual irregularity
- Excessive bleeding
- Leucorrhoea
- Pelvic inflammation
- Gynecological Tumors
- Infertility management
- Amenorrhea
- Gynecological oncology service
- Colposcopy, pap smear & other screening method for gynecological cancers
- Radical surgeries by experts.
- Abortion care.

V. Procedures
Gynecological Procedures

All types of major, minor obstetrics and gynecological surgeries are performed including
- Total abdominal hysterectomy.
- Vaginal hysterectomy for prolapse.
- Non decent vaginal hysterectomy Scar less surgery.
- Radical hysterectomy.
- Ovarian cystectomy.
- Myomectomy.
- Laparoscopy.
- D& C, MTP, Sterilization, Biopsy.

Obstetrics Procedures :
- Facility of Caesarian section.
- Forceps delivery.
- Vacuum delivery.
- Obstetrics analgesia.

VI. PPTCT centre to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child.
- Free counseling
- Free testing
- Anti retroviral treatment
- Comprehensive ante partum & intra partum care of HIV positive.

Research and Achievements :

Faculties of the department are regularly participating in international national state conferences as guest faculty, Chairperson and delegates. Ongoing research are-
1. Outcome of referral cases coming to CIMS OBG. Deptt.
2. Caparison BIW nifedepin & lubetelol in PIH.
3. SIL misoprostal in LSCS for prevention of PPH.
4. Role of 2doses of Iron sucrose injection at 16 & 28 wk for Iron prophylaxis in pregnancy.
5. Incomplete abortion a scenario at CIMS.
6. Fetomaternal ante come in HIV positive women.

Teaching of MBBS student :
Intensive teaching of MBBS student by experienced teachers —
- Using Audiovisual charts models.
- Through regular theory, clinical, demonstration classes & Seminars.
- Daily bed side clinic in batches of 25 students in one batch.

Symposiums / Seminar  :
Regular seminars one in every month conducted in the department.
- Conducted live surgical workshop on surgeries for cancer cervix.
- Deptt. is regularly conducting awareness program for women health, maternal nutrition, and hygiene and HIV prevention.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty Status as on Feb 2019

Name Dr. Meena Armo
Designation Professor & HOD
Qualification MBBS, MS (Obst. & Gyne), F.C.G.P., FICMCH
Contact No 9425558454
Email Id drmeenaarmo@gmail.com
Details of Teaching Staff

Details of Non Teaching Staff