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About Department

The Department of psychiatry has been established since 2002.


Outpatient Services:

Monday to Saturday : Time 9.00 A.M. – 2.00 P.M

Inpatient Services:

Number of beds available – 10

Emergency Facilities:

24 hours on all days

Education :
Undergraduate Teaching 5th Semester – Clinical posting – 2 weeks and 9th Semester – Lectures.

Achievement & Research : Publications
1. Management of Bipolar Disorders in Women by Non-pharmacological methods – First author – Submitted in November 2009 to task force on women mental health, IPS

2. Music Therapy as stress relaxation technique during examination in medical students: a study from central India. – Co-author – International Conference on Medical Competence, Ottawa May 2010

3. Study of Nadishodhana, Bhramari Pranayama and Omkar Chanting on autonomic functions and its reflection on performance amongst preclinical medical students. Accepted in Internet Journal of Health in pipeline for publication 2011.

4. Blast lung experience at CIMS Submitted in January 2010 and under consideration for publication in JIMA.

5. Naik Sujit, Vaswani M, Desai NG, Humoral Immune Function in Non-Parenteral Heroin Dependence: Indian Data; Alcoholism 2001; 37(1): 25-34

6. Naik SK, Desai NG, Maswani M, Das SN: N K Cell activity in non-parenteral heroin dependent patients; ANCIPS 2001, PUNE – presentated free paper.

7. HP Jhingan, Prakash B, Naik SK, Malhotra S, Lal R; Tobacco use among drug and alcohol Dependent patients. ANCIPS 2001, PUNE – presentated free paper

8. Naik SK, Pattanayak S: Pathways to care and understanding of illness among caregivers of psychotic patients. International Conference on Schizophrenia IV, SCARF, 2010

Department of Psychiatry Faculty Status as on Feb 2019

Name Dr. S. K. Naik
Designation Associate Professor and In charge Head
Qualification MD (Psychiatry)
Contact No 09827171822, 07752227613
Email Id drsujitnaik@yahoo.com
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