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About Department

This department came into existence with the inception of the medical college in the year 2003 & appointment of Dr. Puneet Bhardwaj, MS, as professor and head of the department.


Available Equipment : Bronchoscopy Machine, Spirometer.

Facilities : Asthma, COPD, Tuberculosis management & all chest diseases of lung, pleura, etc treatment are done here.

Other Facilities: Dots Microscopy Center, Dots Plus Site Ward, Swine flu Ward.

Department of TB and Chest Faculty Status as on Feb-2013

Name Dr. Puneet Bhardwaj
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification MBBS,  MD (Chest) MD (Anatomy)
Contact No 98271-68755
Email Id bhar69p@gmail.com
Name Dr. Amitesh Ram
Designation Junior Resident
Qualification MBBS
Contact No 93000-09168
Email Id csmudr.amitesh@yahoo.com

Other Staff Status as on Feb. 2013

Name Ramphal Yadav
Designation Lab Technician
Qualification B.Sc., DMLT
Contact No 98271-84524
Email Id ramphal1974@gmail.com