Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS), Bilaspur, CG

There are fully equipped lab attached to all the departments of CIMS which helps the students to develop psychomotor skills which are very essential for the effective practice of medicine.

Well Laboratory & Equpments available in Department of General Medicine
1. Central Monitoring System in ICCU. Equipped with bed sided Echocardiography facility.
2. Ventilators.
3. Multipara Monitors.
4. Syringe Pumps.
5. Holter Monitor.
6. Electrocardiographs.
7. Echocardiograph in OPD.
8. Defibrillators.
9. TMT.
10. Electroencephalogram.
11. Upper GI Endoscope.
12. Pulse oxymeters.
13. Nebulizers.
14. Oxygen concentrator.
15. Hemodialysis Machine.

Laboratory & Equpments available in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
1. Colposcope
2. Diagnostic laparoscope & operative laparoscope
3. Ultrasonography Doppler,
4. Cauterization cryo & thermal,
5. Cardio tocography,
6. Multipara monitors

Laboratory & Equpments available in Department of Biochemistry
1. Fully Automatic Chemical Analyzer .
2. Semi automatic Chemical Analyzer.
3. I125 Gamma Counter.
4. Na+, K+ & Cl- Electrolyte Analyzer.
5. P.C. Based Double Beam Spectrophotometer.
6. P.C. Based Fully Automatic Electrophoresis.
7. Cell Counter
8. Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer.
9. BOD Incubator.
10. Deep Freezer.
11. Refrigerator Centrifuge
12. HPLC.

Well Laboratory & Equpments available in Department of Microbiology
1. Incubators, electrical(Large) 37 degree Celsius
2. Autoclave,550x750x25 KW
3. Hot Air Oven
4. B.O.D.incubator
5. Electronic balance
6. Balance, Chemical
7. Phase contrast microscope
8. Binocular Microscope
9. Fluoresent Microscope
10. Dark ground Microscope work with arc lamp arrangement etc.
11. Centrifuge, electrical high power
12. Weigh machine
13. Colony counter
14. Distilled Water plant (Steel)
15. Overhead Projector
16. LCD projector
17. Anarobic apparatus
18. Electrophoresis complete set
19. Laminar flow table(fume hood)
20. VDRL Shaker
21. Computer unit
22. Water Bath (Serological) 37 degree Celsius
23. Water Bath (Serological) 56 degree Celsius
24. Deep Freeze (- 20 degree Celsius)
25. ELISA Reader, Dispenser & Washer (Only Reader)
26. ELISA strip reader
27. Thermometers (Assorted)
28. Tissue processor
29. Hot plate
30. Automatic voltage stabilizer
31. pH Meter
32. Cold Room
33. Vortex Mixture
34. Nephalometer

Equpments available in Department of Paediatrics
1. Ventilators (Neonatal &Pediatric)
2. Radiant warmer
3. Defibrillator
4. Multi channel monitors
5. Glucometer
6. Infusion pumps
7. Cardiac Monitors
8. Pulse Oxymeters
9. Apnea Monitors
10. Double Surface Phototherapy Units
11. Resuscitation Kit
12. Incubaters

Operation Theatres

8 Operation Theatres well epuipped with centralpipeline for O2, N2O, Air & Vaccum, Boyle’s machine with anaesthesia ventilators, multipara monitor, defibrillator, Emergency drugs, equipments, infusion pump, PAC pump, blood warmer, nerve stimulator for Elective surgical procedure in Obs& Gynec, ENT, Opthalmology, Dental, Othopaedic.

About CIMS Bilaspur

Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS), Bilaspur

About Hospital

Hospital is 550 beded and run by unit systems. It is a dietary Hospital. Clinical side rooms (CSR) are available in the ward. All basic and advanced investigations are done in the hospital. It has a central laboratory with three components (Biochemistry, Pathology & Microbiology).

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Admission Procedure

MBBS Programme Admission Procedure Information. : State Quota a candidate must qualify in Medical Entrance Examination Conducted by NTA - National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test - NEET (UG). Thereafter, candidates are called for Online Counseling by DME Chhattisgarh.

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Central Library

CIMS Institute Library is one of the best libraries in CG State & having sufficient number of text books in all subject books reference books, national & foreign journals in each subject & Internet Access Wi-Fi. It has more than 9000 book & Indian & foreign journals available as on date.

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